Vanity Olympics

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Photo by Mike B

Once upon a time, there was a farmer who had a large portion of fallow land. The land was an inheritance from his great grandfather; a warrior chief who together with his clan was one of the early settlers of the geographical area.

As the rainy season was approaching, the farmer decided to grow some corn to feed his family which had doubled in size over the recent years, and could no longer rely on the local market for food all year round.

The soil was good, and in no time, the seeds he put in the ground germinated and began to grow. The growth was quite astronomical and the plants began to bear fruits. The farmer saw all that was happening and he was pleased.

He treated all the plants as one and gave each the same amount of fertilizer. However, the corn fruits began to realize the unique qualities that each of them possessed. Some had a yellow outer covering, some were white, and the rest were mixed.

The corn began to group and segregate based on its unique qualities. The corn with the yellow covering felt they were superior to the rest. As a result, they looked down on them and did not do anything with the others.

The corn with the mixed outer covering was generally stronger, although they were not aesthetically pleasing as the yellow ones. So they constantly cheated the other groups for soil nutrients, and that made them bigger and stronger.

The white corns were genetically endowed with higher than average intelligence quotient (IQ), and they believed that their bloodline was pure, and directly descended from the first corn to ever be planted.

The segregation went on for so many plant years and was eventually normalized. Any corn that tried to do things differently or even point out the ridiculousness in the self-imposed institutions was charged with treason and exterminated. It was a felony to infer in the slightest way that it didn't make sense to set up institutions to enforce segregation.

The rainy season was soon over, and the dry season took over. The dry air brought high levels of heat to the land, and it did not discriminate. Every color of corn felt the heat. Fast forward, it was time to harvest the corn and the farmer ordered his workers to begin with plucking and gathering into the barn.

While the workers were filtering the gathered corn for chaff, the farmer further ordered that there be no grouping based on the color of the outer covering. So it came to be, the yellow corn, mixed corn, and the white corns were all placed in the same sacks which were all kept in the same barn. None of the corn types were given preferential treatment over others.

This is exactly how it will be, at the end of time, when it is all said and done. There shall be no discrimination based on race, social status, or financial status.