The Sad Boys' Manifesto

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This world is transactional. With the exception of life itself, everything else can be bought and sold. Civilization began with the exchange of goods in a process famously known as the barter trade.

Over the course of centuries, we realized that barter wasn't as efficient as we wanted it to be. You had to negotiate really hard to get the equivalent worth of your produce. So we moved on to metal coins and paper currencies which created a system of exchange known as money.

Money is the lifeblood of this world, and everything revolves around it. Those who control the monetary system control the supply and demand of goods including essentials like food and energy. Hence, the control of the monetary system is essential to the survival of every group of persons on earth, and this was, and still is, the reason for the countless wars humans have fought since time immemorial.

When people attain power because of their position in the monetary system, they begin to stunt on others with supposedly less power which they eventually acquire as slaves. Slavery is still alive and will never be eradicated. It will continue to take on different forms because that's the way Satan operates.

Satan is an idea, that goes against the established law of the Father to love one another. If you love another man, would you want them to worship you by crushing their dignity? This is exactly what Satan wanted to do when he said to the Lord, "Bow down before me, and I will give you all the riches of this world".

Many of us have submitted ourselves as slaves to Satan by bowing down because we wanted some money, a car, or a house. When you engage in immoral acts for financial gain, you become a slave to Satan which eventually leads to nothing but misery. The brave men who denounce Satan and his cunning ways, end up facing persecution because they go against the order of the world partly controlled by Satanic ideals.

The children of the Father, who constantly face persecution are those I call Sad Boys. Because the world is truly sad and tasteless if you want to live according to the commandments of the Father. You will face difficult times, lies, temptations, set ups, and death, but the Lord will save you from all these if you remain faithful.

In the short term, Sad Boys will be sad, but in the long term, Sad Boys will rejoice and be happy. All these trials and tribulations that keep coming your way will not last. They come just to test how much you love the Father, and how much you are willing to sacrifice to remain faithful. The journey will not be easy, but the glory at the end will transcend the ages.

Sad Boys, don't give up. Sad Boys, never fold. In times of trouble, never bow to the lucrative demands of Satan, but look towards the Father, who accomplishes and makes everything nice and sweet in his own time.