The Road Less Traveled

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Photo by Josh Sorenson

Two roads diverged in a wood and I -- I took the one less traveled by And that has made all the difference

These are the words of Robert Frost, a renowned American poet. They are not mere words stringed together to rhyme just for the art of it, but these words are divine wisdom. Frost vividly describes the path to greatness as if he were answering someone who has asked him for directions. Let's break down the lines to understand the real import of the words.

Two roads diverging in the wood is a metaphor for the well-known duality of the universe, from which we draw out life and death, good and evil, success and failure, and it goes on and on. Essentially, Frost is saying that when he decided to embark on the journey to greatness, he was at crossroads.

When it's time to choose a certain path in life, it's normal to be at crossroads because it could be a defining moment and care must be taken and wisdom must be applied. Frost tells us that he chose the road less traveled which seems weird and illogical but we'll understand why it's not so. The status quo is to follow the path that majority has traveled, and that has been the downfall of humanity.

The world's population is in billions but only a handful are able to taste greatness. Why? Because they chose the road most traveled, which is easy but leads nowhere. The road less traveled leads to greatness and it is hard and full of trials and tribulations. Believe it or not, every great person in history had to travel the hard way.

We want job security, paid vacations, and allowances for doing nothing. We sit down on our lazy asses and wish for things to magically fall from the sky into our laps. Long story short, we want to eat our cake and still have it. The road most traveled is full of excuses and a strong sense of entitlement with no work to show for it. Resourcefulness and the mindset of positivity are non-existent on this road, and as a result, everyone who travels this road is depressed, confused, and addicted to substances and non-substances that completely destroy the spirit.

The road less traveled requires a lot of discipline, and that's why only a few people are able to travel. The discipline to focus on a specific goal, and the dedication to see it through regardless of the odds. The road less traveled requires a strong sense of purpose and the willingness to be selfless to society. This road was paved by the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and that is the only way to greatness, otherwise known as paradise.

Greatness is something different, you can't buy with money, but hard work, patience, and perseverance will get you there.