Running On Fumes

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Photo by Denniz Futalan

Life is a journey. A journey of a thousand days, but you can only take it one day at a time. Some days may be smooth with little to no mountains (problems) to climb. Other days may come with steep and grandiose difficulties that may seem insurmountable at face value. 

The average human life requires resources to function properly. These resources can be in the form of energy (especially food), or in a more abstract form as money.  Many times we're likely to find ourselves in situations where our resources become severely depleted which completely puts our lives in disarray. Incidents like motor accidents, job loss, and other unforeseen circumstances could easily throw our lives out of balance.

This situation is aptly expressed in idioms as running on fumes, an analogy to operating a car that is low on fuel. Now, if your life is running low on resources, what do you do to keep going on a positive trajectory?

Gratitude Is A Must

First, you have to understand that uncertainties are part of life. There is no person ever in the history of mankind who had a completely smooth life devoid of difficulties. Regardless of social status or wealth bracket, you are certainly going to experience some difficulties.

Everything in life can be bought, except life itself. So gratitude must be expressed in whatever situation you find yourself in, whether inherently beneficial or not. In all things, we must give glory to the Father, the creator of heaven and earth. Indeed, I am yet to discover a gift greater than life itself. 

Faith Is A Powerful Force

In a situation where all odds are against you and there's nowhere to turn to, faith is the only divine power you can turn to. The human mind cannot fully comprehend the power faith has over the physical universe. Faith is a mindset game and I fully explained in the post Cogito Ergo Sum how you can play to game to your advantage.

Faith is a mental force that is able to create opportunities and destroy obstacles but it does not happen without the physical effort needed to manifest the seeds planted. Like a farmer does after planting on the field, so must a man water the seeds of faith planted in his mind by taking actions that are aligned. 

Remember Hope Is Always Free

Gasoline prices keep skyrocketing, and money can be hard to come by in a global liquidity crunch but hope will always be free. Hope is the only resource that we can conjure out of thin air, and it is also the only resource that is infinitely renewable.

Still, on the analogy of a car, hope is the fuel required to sustain constant perseverance. When the going gets tough, you can count on hope to endure, knowing at the back of your mind that there are going to be better days ahead. 

Unexpected and unpredictable circumstances are part of life and often interrupt the normal flow of events. We cannot control, understand or perfectly anticipate what life has to offer but we can definitely navigate with resilience.