Relax, We Can All Be Great

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People are depressed, people are sad, and people are weary. Most times not because people don't have food or a place to put their heads, but rather, because they are not where they think they have to be in life.

A young man might have graduated from a reputable university with a bachelor's degree, and an entry-level role at a decent company. This young lad may have friends with higher-paying jobs and higher degrees, and as a result of a weak mindset, the lad begins to downplay his own achievements.

A lot of young people are facing the same issue at a higher rate compared to the generations before because of the accessibility of social media. One can see what another is up to on another continent in a matter of minutes. This young lad, as I described above, is sad and depressed not because he doesn't have the means to feed himself but just because he can't match the supposed social status of his colleagues.

In this post, I will be explaining why social status is not a real thing, and what we ought to go after is self-actualization, which is real, priceless, and cannot be repealed like a university degree.

If you look at Maslow's hierarchy of needs, which categorizes human needs into five groups, you'll realize that every one of them can be bought with money except self-actualization. As a rule of thumb, everything that can be bought with money is not real, it is manufactured.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Self-actualization is what to aim for, but we don't understand that it takes time to become self-actualized and it is no respecter of the trade or profession you ply. You can be a painter, teacher, or anything at all and become self-actualized if you consistently work hard at it.

Self-actualization is when you put your God-given talent to work for so long that you eventually become God-like in the eyes of men. It takes ages, and you don't need a master's degree or a million dollars, but hard work, grit, and integrity.

The world's most famous artist, Pablo Picasso was just a painter but he was able to trust the process and diligently pursue his God-given talent without a degree or a relatively high social status which are mere by-products of the process.

Having social status without self-actualization is like building a castle in the air; everything will eventually come down crushing because it wasn't really substantial in the first place.

So the message to all the young folks out there depressed, and sad about not having some level of social status is this. Everything money can buy is not real. Don't get worked up over something that can be repealed or lost in a blink. Rather, work towards self-actualization, which is priceless, and no man can give you, but yourself.