Gratitude Is A Must

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It was just like every other morning as I took to the road to attend a lecture at 10:30 am. I didn’t check the time before setting off, and I was not bothered in the least. Everybody knew me as a chronic latecomer, a tag I gladly wore for a number of reasons.

Many of my lecturers and I believe most of my mates too, saw me as a non-serious student. Perhaps some even thought that I was a spoilt rich kid with no real ambitions in life. The truth was that my parents struggled to put me through my first year in university.

So why would someone from a struggling background live life so carelessly in the university? My grades were nothing to write home about, and I missed about 70% of my classes. I was always late to class when I showed up and was also the first to leave. I remember there was a semester I failed to submit a single lab report for our weekly mandatory lab work.

My character was appalling, but none of these things was done out of spite. I was fighting an internal battle. The university had not met my expectations in terms of how I thought teaching and learning were to be. Everything felt like high school all over again. But here was I, full of raging hormones wanting to be creative, and wanting to think outside the box. I wanted to be different.

To add salt to the injury, I was not much into my program of study. I didn’t particularly hate it, but I felt there was no room for me to question the status quo and to try something different. I was basically trapped in a box. Prior to entering the university, I had learned computer programming on my own, and I felt like I was not too far from being Ghana’s own Mark Zuckerberg.

So when nothing went as expected at the university, it was hard for me put the pieces together and pick myself up. Thus, on this fateful day as I walked the lengths of mecca road, KNUST, to class, my thoughts were blank. It was here that I would meet a classmate whose advice will shift my perspective on life and help me get some part of my life together.

He knew I was in distress and my absenteeism was probably because of a deeper problem but what he told me was that, even if my current situation was not what I planned it to be, I should still try to make good use of it and prove my worth. His reasoning was that, at the end of the day, everybody will account for the opportunities we were given. What would my account be? Based on our accounts, we will either be given more opportunities or we would be treated with disdain as illustrated in the parable of the talents.

Nothing resonated with me more than these wise words. At that point, it was so hard to dig myself out of the mess I had created but nonetheless, the wise words I received was comforting and motivational. I made a mental note to be grateful for and appreciate the present moment.

This was a lesson in gratitude that I will always be grateful for. As I grow older, I reckon that gratitude is one of the key factors to a happy and successful life. Comparison, they say is a thief of joy, and the reason it is so is that comparison kills the spirit of gratitude within a person. All fingers were not created equal but each one possesses unique and special functions that cannot be replicated by another.

As I reminisce about how far I have come as a young man, I wish to re-echo this lesson I learned on the importance of being grateful for whatever life brings to the table. Gratitude is a must. Suppose you give a box of candies to a kid and they show no gratitude for whatever reason, will you be moved to perform such a gesture again?

This is how God the creator feels anytime we complain about the stress of this life. Let us cut the complaints, and the ungratefulness we display on a daily basis. Gratitude is the key if you want to open new doors in life. Gratitude is a must!

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