Fear of God

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The word "fear" is thrown around loosely but its real import is only understood by a few chosen ones. The power of fear on human life is so grandiose that "FEAR NOT" is mentioned 365 times in the bible probably to serve as a daily reminder to us laymen. If you didn't know, the only thing that can make somebody do something against their will is fear.

As beings created in the image and likeness of God, we need not fear anything, but the creator. I repeat, we need not fear anything, but we need to fear the creator to the highest degree. Why? Because the Father's words never change, and he shall dish out justice to those who are due. You can't bribe your way out of the Father's judgment.

But what does it actually mean to fear the Father? The fear of God is not what you actually think it is, it's not like how you fear your earthly masters. To fear God is to love God. It's never an abusive relationship because the Father is merciful, loving, and caring. The fear of God is to realize that being alive is by his grace and to respect every breath accordingly.

This may sound a bit vague but therein lies all the truth you need to know about the fear of the Father. If there's anything to be sure of, is the fact that the Father is merciful. His mercies have no end and it's really mind-blowing. My fellow comrades who have messed up in life will tell you about how the merciful hand of God is never short.

When it comes to love, you'll never get anything better than the love of God. I can tell you emphatically that money will come and go, seasons will come and go, and times will come and go, but the love of the Father never dies. No one is worthy of the Father's love, but this love is designed in such a way that both good and evil get equal and sufficient amounts.

If you think whatever you've achieved in this life is by your doing, you need to actually rethink. Yes, you put in the hard work but what about the other factors that you can't control? Like time, and seasons? These things are set in place to favor your advancement in life. That is why seasons change and no situation is ever permanent. If you're down, you get another chance to turn things around. If you're up, you get another season to do much more than the previous season.

For these reasons, you do not have to fear anything on earth below, or heaven above, except the one and only, who made heaven and earth. Because the Father can take or give you life, change your destiny, and re-purpose your soul at any time.

Respect this, and live your days with honor. Treat your fellow human beings with kindness, love, and respect because they're the earthly representation of the Father. Love your neighbor as yourself, and the Father will love you till the end of time. This, my friend, is the fear of God.