Acadiana Rubber & Gasket help you protect your assets! We have extensive experience with impact systems. Every aspect of our fendering products are personally monitored, and products rigorously tested, to meet or exceed industry standards. Acadiana Rubber & Gasket is your premier dock bumper supplier! Connect with us for your impact protection needs!


We can custom design and fabricate to fit your application:

Pre-Curving to relieve stress.  
Our pre-curved sections are cured with the curve in the part to relieve stress that will cause the fender to split or tear upon impact.

Custom Cutting for easier installation.  
Product specialists can angle-cut, slot and custom fabricate your new fendering to match your unique requirements.

Hole Drilling to match stud size and spacing. 
It eliminates the need for special tools and equipment on site, and makes installing your new system quicker and easier.

Custom Designed Extrusions, any shape, any style. 
Our engineers can work with you to custom design and fabricate a system to match your exact specs.

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